• EME Industrial Services, LLC is a safety oriented asbestos contractor in North Carolina with trained/experienced employees
  • We are involved in the surveying and removal of all asbestos materials.

Lead Removal

  • In the last few years, EME Industrial Services has kept pace with the lead and mold, state and federal regulations.
  • In the area of lead removal, we have successfully completed several contracts relating to old structures which have been converted to residential and retail establishments.
  • EME has contributed to the preservation of houses and institutional buildings by remediation of the lead paint on moldings, fireplace mantels, interior and exterior wood surfaces.

Mold Removal

  • We have also kept up with the state and federal regulations that applies to mold removal.
  • EME Industrial Services has experience handling any mold removal situation whether its
    • Removing mold from basement
    • Removing mold from a facility where heat and moisture has allowed mold to grow because of power failure
    • Removing mold from structures caused by water leaks that were not detected in time to prevent growth
    • Removing mold from new construction projects where heat and moisture combined to create a mold problem before the structure was weathered in and had air circulation.
  • We use a system approach to insure success and long lasting results. EME provides a two part system that is designed to first pre-clean troublesome, difficult-to-reach environmental surfaces, making certain that the secondary component, a registered bacteriostatic agent, will have effective and long lasting results.
    • EME Industrial Services will consult with you to examine the complete building envelope. A detailed IAQ Assessment is performed to help pinpoint problem areas.
    • Using any independent lab you choose, testing is then done to identify which environmental surface contaminants are present, and at what levels.
    • If corrective measures are necessary, we will work with the customer to develop a detailed plan of action. After application of the 2-part system, post testing is done on the treated areas to document results.

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